C.A.R.E. aims to help animals who have been beaten, abandoned, or mistreated in any context. The way we do this is by assessing three main areas of organizations who have started to also do this and understand their strengths and weaknesses. We take this information and apply it to our own group to make sure we are using the best possible responsibility and love we can. The break down of these categories includes:


1. Internal Affairs of an Organization

- Overall organization of systems running the group

- Transparency and responsible use of funds collected

- Details on how funds are raised and if they are distributed among the group fairly

- Number of employees and volunteers and what sort of credentials/training they have

- Monthly cost of operations and how this is projected to work into the future


2. On-site Actions of a Shelter

- Cleanliness and orderliness of the area

- How employees and volunteers participate at the shelter

- Number of animals and their overall quality of life 

- Facilities available at the shelter for use by animals and humans

- How many animals are adopted each month, and how many are returned (if any)

- Events that take place at the shelter/involving shelter animals or participants


3. Happiness

- How happy the animals are while they are at the shelter and who/what makes them that way

- What is the attitude of the employees and volunteers and how do they interact with the animals

- What services and facilities are offered to make sure both humans and animals are content while at the shelter